Saturday, 12 August 2017


 Hi huns, it's been a while. But I am back, and this time for good.

I have all of a sudden had a crazy overflow of ideas because I have been finding and using items and products that I just cannot wait to rave about.

It's that horrid time of the year where your hair can quite frankly become a bit of a mare in the heat and the sunshine, and well, who wants a frizzy mop? No thank you!

I have been for the past what feels like forever now but realistically its been about two / three years been trying to grow out my fringe and be a lot nicer to my locks. I have always been the kinda girl you would not see without her hair pin straight and I would not leave the house until it was perfect. *sighs* I wasted so much damn time and effort lol. 

Buttt, I have actually succeeded and these days you will see me with all my hair scraped back in a ponytail (no more fringe hurrah!) or half and half in a pony or bun on the top of my head. It is so much better to maintain now, in fact I love the simple care free hair life! I used to have to wash my hair daily (BIG no no!) because I was so worried that it looked greasy or wasn't perfect. Basically I was just a pain in the ass when it came to my hair.

Although I managed to change my bad habits myself, I do have Palmers to thank as their Coconut hair care range has literally changed my life! All of their products do not contain any parabens, sulphates, phthalates, mineral oil, gluten or dyes. And trust me, it makes a HUGE difference. It's also nice to know I am not using any nasty chemicals that may cause harm. (I managed to run out of them just as I was preparing my post, typical. But I will have a separate review on these products very shortly.)

Anyway, here are my top five hair care essentials that I also love and keep on purchasing..

#1 Amargan Oil

My Mum has kept on buying and using this for years from our local hairdressers but I was always put off using products that contain oil due to the fact I have such fine hair and it can weigh it down. Though I was proved wrong because I absolutely love it now and it's like a saviour when I need a bit of extra hydration / moisture. It doesn't weight my hair down in the slightest, in fact its more of a powdery oil than a sticky oil. I apply a pump to my damp hair after washing it and then dry it off with my hairdryer. It leaves me with baby soft hair that's so much straighter and easier to maintain/style. Winner!

#2 Colab Dry Shampoo

I'll be honest, when I bought this I bought it purely on the fact the bottle is so pretty! Who could resist this design sitting on their dressing table?! Plus that I got it on offer when it was launched for around £1 on Superdrug because I had spent a certain amount. I had wanted to try another dry shampoo but I was skeptical because personally I have never really got on with them, especially Batiste as it left my hair practically looking like I had died it a patchy white! (Not a good look huns lol) But this did make me change my mind. It smells AMAZING! In fact I could smell it before I had even sprayed it. Imagine being on a Caribbean beach and getting that fruity tropical coconut smell? This is it in a bottle.. delicious! It also doesn't leave you with any horrid white patchy streaks (Batiste you have some serious catching up to do!) and I actually felt like it had cleansed my hair. For that reason I will always return to good gorgeous Colab. 

#3 VO5 Ultimate Hold Hairspray

Now that I am wearing my hair up practically alll the time, I needed something to hold back those annoying wispy baby hairs that just seem to appear and get right in your face. *grits teeth* I firstly tried a brand named Fudge and okay it was alright, and it smelt amazing, but I was left with a horrible sticky residue on my hair which made everyone around me worry for my sanity asking when I had last washed my hair (when I had just done it!) so I switched it up and found VO5 in my local Tesco's. (Which by the way is on offer at the moment for £3 - thank me later!) As you can see I always get drawn in by the pretty bottles, oops. But I was impressed the first time I used it. It's described as being a fine spray that is weatherproof, has ultimate hold and has a lovely fragrance. Which is what it is and all you really need from a hairspray. So if you're looking for a good one that isn't too expensive I highly recommend it.

#4 HeadJog Wide Tooth Comb

Nothing special, but it is an essential for me to get my hair perfected just the way I want it. I usually purchase it from my local hair trade centre because I have an account with them due to being a qualified beauty therapist. Although recently I have been finding them on E-Bay even cheaper and they arrive within a day or two. I do go through them quite often as I am terrible at taking them out with me in my handbag and then losing them. They just seem to be better than any other I have tried, because although a comb is a comb, it grips my hair back a lot easier and also quicker. 

#5 Diva Professional Twilight Hairdryer & Straightener Set

Saving the best till last! Who thought it would be possible to fall in love with a hairdryer and straighteners? But hey, I have! My boyfriend used to work in hair and beauty wholesale and I remember him showing me a photo of the new range and I just knew I had to have these! They are so different to any other electrical hair range I have seen as I was fed up of the basic colour ranges available and wanted something a bit different. Although I could not see me owning them for a while due to the price tag *gasps* They work out at £109.99 for the Straighteners and £69.99 for the Hairdryer. A little over my price range at that point. Butttt, I woke up on my Birthday morning with my boyfriend passing me presents, not expecting a single thing as we had told each other no presents this year as we want to save, and what a darling he had bought me the full freaking set! They are both infused with Macadamia, Argan Oil and Keratin as well as a high power Ionic jet for super shine. The straighteners also come in a handy sparkly black pouch to store them in and doubles up as a heat mat. Since using them I can definitely notice a change in how soft and shiny my hair is. My favourite hair care essential ever.

So there we have it, all my must have essentials! I hope this post has helped some of you find some new products to try out, and if you do please do comment below and let me know your thoughts on them! Also if there are any more products like these you think I would love, please let me know as I love finding new ones.

Love, H. 

Thursday, 10 August 2017


  So on February 25th, I finally got my chance to be a bridesmaid, ahh! 

I had been waiting for this day for so long and when my best friend of thirteen years asked me I felt so honoured and just could not wait. The party girl in me came out and there I was planning her hen and getting myself prepared for the big day. I just knew from when she was planning it that it would be beautiful.

The night before

The night before I stayed over at her house so we could pamper and preen ourselves ready for the big day in the morning. Typical gals, us saying we must be in bed asleep by 10pm so we aren't tired in the morning. Well, we ended up getting to sleep at 1am, LOL. 

We made sure the dress was perfect, steamed and back in its bag. Decorated the hangers with personalisation (although mine went missing at the venue *cries*) hung up all the bridesmaid / page boy outfits and then ended the evening with a lovely relaxing rose scented bubble bath with thanks to her fiancé who went shopping to get us some goodies.

The bride to be couldn't fall asleep due to last minute jitters, I was sleeping in her little girls bed and during the night banged my head on the iron surrounding so we both ended up with banging headaches and absolutely shattered come the next morning ha ha!

The big day 

So the big day finally arrived and we were up and out and arrived at the venue by late morning. The make-up and hair team arrived first and it was lovely after all the panic the night before for us both, especially the bride to be, to just relax and enjoy our makeovers. I asked for a natural yet dramatic look and I absolutely loved what the artist did, and of course my best friend looked stunning!

Then it came to me helping prepare the other bridesmaids and before we knew it, what felt like hours until we had to go downstairs for the ceremony turned in to 'you literally have five minutes!' and a crazy rush to get everyone positioned and ready. Thats when the nerves set in. They say it's normal for the bride to get pre jitters, but where do you ever see the mention of the bridesmaid?! Well you have now, I'm telling you I was sweating, felt like I couldn't breathe and even though I couldn't wait to walk behind my best friend down the aisle, quite frankly another part of me also just wanted to run away. Gosh, being a bridesmaid for the first time is nerve racking. I was panicking what if she falls and then I have to try and hold her up, what if I trip on my dress and fall and ruin her special day?!

Though I needn't of worried, it went perfectly and the whole ceremony was amazing and once it was over, we both wanted to do it all all over again.

The rest of the evening we sat down for a delicious three course meal with a starter of soup, main was a roast dinner and dessert was chocolate profiteroles, mmm. Then there was the speeches, the bar then opened and that was us for the rest of the night - dancing away on the dance floor and making complete tits out of ourselves dancing to the macarena lol. It was all perfect.

Have any of you been a bridesmaid?

© Hannah Amié

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